Announcement - Log with a different ID (iOS)

Following 8.5.00 Patch, some players had their Black Survival account linked to a different ID after deleting the previous app and downloading the new one.

We would like to apologize for the inconvenience you may have encountered.

Please check the following guide to connect to another account on iOS devices.

1. Guest Account

If you play on a Guest Account, your Black Survival ID is not linked to any platform (Google Play / iOS Game Center). if you played on Guest Account, please contact us using the “inquiry/Report” feature so that we can guide you through the process.

2. If you have been connected to an other account on your iOS device.

If you play on iOS devices, the game must be linked to your Game Center ID. On iOS, you can log in and log out from the Game Center. The Game Center Account which is linked to Black Survival depends on the Game center ID you are logged in.

In order to link the game to a different ID, you must sign out from the Game Center ID You are currently logged in.

Once you have signed out from the current Game Center account, you can log into the Game Center account linked to your Black Survival ID.

Once it is done, you can normally log into Black Survival.

3. Issues with iOS account being switched

After logging in with an other ID to the Game Center, it might seem as if you are logged in even if you are not, or you might be logged in with a different ID due to an issue with the Game Center. If you encounter that issue, please use the following guide to log into the Game Center

1) Log Out from the Game Center.

2) Settings -> Safari -> Click on ‘Clear History and Website Data’

3) Delete Black Survival App -> Restart your device and log into the Game Center.

4) Install Black Survival App and enter the game.