Black Survival - Aglaia's Pass Enhancement

Hi, this is Black Survival

We would like to share with you some information about the enhancement of the Aglaia's Pass which will be implemented in the game on September 23rd.

Please notice that the following features are still under development, there might be changes by the time of the update.

The vocabulary has been changed for a more intuitive experience

  • Basic Pass Free Pass

  • Restricted approval BS Pass

  • Top Confidential Approval BS Pass+

  • Stage Level

Display enhancement

  • The display has been improved so that all rewards can be checked in a glance.

  • The remaining levels before the next Rare Reward can also be checked without having to scroll down through the list.

  • All rewards can now be claimed at once.

Story menu

  • Scenario chapters are now gathered in one single menu to make it easier to access the story.

Aglaia’s Pass quests enhancement

  • The quests that were organized weekly, will be listed daily.

  • The progress that has been made in a quest is no longer reset when refreshing the quests.

  • The difficulty level of each quest has been made more visible.

  • The current Episode's progress can be checked from the quest menu.