Black Survival - Lobby Design Enhancement

Hi, this is Black Survival

We would like to share with you some information about the enhancement of the Lobby design which will be implemented in the game on September 23rd.

Please notice that the following features are still under development, there might be changes by the time of the update.

Here are the main design changes:

Wide & Compact Lobby

  • The different menu categories displayed on the lobby screen will now be displayed at the bottom to ensure a better fit for wide mobile screens.

  • The composition of the Lobby screen has been enhanced to allow the Character and the Background to stand out. The different content displayed on the Lobby can be expanded to ensure a lighter design of the main screen.

  • The different game modes have been organized in a single menu in order to prepare more interesting and unique game modes.

  • A blur effect has been added to the lobby screen to make the character more visible. You can adjust the level of the blur effect in the settings.

  • Preview of the new Lobby Screen.

  • Detail screen now allows the Character to stand out.

  • Preview of the Bag (menu).

The display and organization of different functions have been improved to ensure more intuitive management of the player’s information.

  • Stats about recent and ranked games, as well as different information and features have been added to the user’s profile.

  • The different information displayed on the screen has been reorganized for better visibility.

  • A drop-down menu has been added to display all the currencies at once.

  • All the quests can now be checked at once.

  • All you need to prepare for your next match (Research Results, Bookmarks and Aptitudes) can now be checked as once.

The game screen has been improved to allow better access to the different game modes

  • The game mode screen has been reorganized to ensure a more intuitive display.

Players can now choose between several notch designs

  • Users can now choose to change the basic notch design to suit their own preferences.

Other previews of the new Lobby