[Character Preview] 20M-RFT43

  1. Stunt Action (Field Skill) Stack up Stunt Action stack for every successful Guard. Consume 4 stacks to activate Stunt Acting effect for 12 secs. (Maximum 6 stacks) Stunt Acting : Decrease 10 damage dealt by the opponent, and decrease 20% damage dealt by the opponent during a successful Guard.

  2. Liver Blow (Combat Skill, 50 sec Cool down) Land a normal attack and earn 2 Stunt Action stacks. Inflict Liver Break effect on the opponent for 9 secs. Liver Break : Increase the damage receive by 10%, and lose Stamina by 3 for each attack attempted on enemy.

Nicky Play Guide

  • Nicky's Stunt Action may hit less hard, but her Liver Blow skill could be fatal.

  • Combining her skill properly will widen the battle gap with your opponent for a while.