[Character Preview] 20M-RFT45

1. Blood Transfusion (Field Skill)

Cooltime: 50Sec

Duration: 8Sec

After channeling for 1 second, activate Blood Transfusion for 8 seconds. At its end, Blood Transfusion will heal Bianca for 50% of the damage she took while it was active. If Bianca gets 80+ healing, Blood Veil activates for the next 8 seconds.

Blood Veil: Skill damage reduced by -15, immuned to new status effect or debuff

2. Bloody Hands (Combat Skill)

Duration: 8Sec

Consume 3 * No of Blood Drop stacks as HP and inflict 10 + 3 * Lvl damage. In addition, inflict 2 * No Stacks damage to all the enemies in the same area. Bianca gets 1 Blood Drop stack every time she uses her combat skill, and loses 1 stack every 8 seconds.

Blood Drop: Every time she uses her combat skill, she inflicts area damage equal to her current number of stacks.

* Stacks are not consumed when using Bianca's skill.

Bianca Play Guide

- Blood Transfusion can improve Bianca's viability, especially when fighting against several players at the same time. However, depending on your ability to use it at a good timing, this skill can be really efficient, but it can also be totally misused.

- The amount of damage inflicted by Bloody Hands does not depend on Bianca's Mastery level. You can always expect to inflict a certain amount of damage, but if you use it several times in a row, the amount of deducted HP will also increase. You should pay attention to the number of stacks and manage it so that it doesn't consume too much HP.

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