[Character Preview] 21M-RFT47

1. Consecration (Field Skill)

Cooldown: 40Sec

Duration: 80Sec

After channeling for 2 sec, offers one item from the bag as an offer for his Consecration. Depending on the item, grant Father's Blessing or Holy Spirit's Blessing effect for 80sec. Based on the grade of the item, there is a 0.5%/1%/2%/5%/80% chance that the equipped item is replaced with a higher grade random item of the same part/type. (If there is no higher grade item existing, the equipment is replaced with a random one of the same grade.)

Father's Blessing: Grants basic attack damage reduction based on the grade of the offered armor item -1/-1/-2/-4/-10

Holy Spirit's Blessing: Grants bonus damage based on the grade of the offered weapon +1/+2/+3/+5/+12

2. Sermon (Combat Skill)

Consume 10 Stamina and recovers 5 HP with the next basic attack.

Johann Play Guide

- It is possible to cumulate both effects of Consecration. Considering the channeling time, Consecrations allows you to get both effects during 38sec.

- If you manage to have enough Stamina, Sermon allows you to recover 5HP with your basic attack.