[Character Preview] 21M-RFT48

1. Reshaping (Field Skill)

Cooldown: Depending on the grade of the weapon. After channeling for 2 Secs, the equipped gun weapon is changed for a different gun weapon of the same grade. Weapons cannot be transformed twice into the same weapon. The cooldown of Reshaping depends on the gun weapon's grade. 30Secs/60Secs/120Secs/180Secs, Legendary grade excluded).

Celine benefits from different effects based on the number of Successful Reshaping.

For example, after reshaping a Machine Gun into a Railgun, another Rare grade weapon cannot be transformed into a Machine Gun.

Successful Reshaping: Based on the number of successful Reshaping, Celine benefits from the following effects.

1 Time: Atk +2

4 Times: Atk +2, Mastery acquisition rate +15%

8 Times: Atk +4, Lifesteal +8%

13 Times+: Atk +25%

2. Sticky Bomb (Combat Skill)

Cooldown: 30Secs (Cooldown starts when all charges have been used)

Number of charges: 2.

Consume 1 charge with her next basic attack, which has a 50% chance to attach a Sticky Bomb to her enemy that explodes after doing 3 actions (Search/Move/Attack) within 10 seconds and deals 25 dmg. Attaching a second Sticky Bomb to the same enemy would cause an explosion, instantly doing 40Dmg.

Celine Play Guide

- The more you use Reshaping and the more effects you benefit from. However, Reshaping implies using a low-grade weapon for a longer time.

- Keeping the weapons necessary for Reshaping would allow you to rapidly stack different effects, but it would also require good inventory management.

- Since Reshaping skill allows you to change your weapon, there is practically no need to worry about weapon destruction.

- Attaching a sticky bomb to your enemy allows you to pressure them. If you manage to succeed the 50%x50% chance and attach 2 Sticky Bombs to the same player, they will take significant damage. Try to use that at your advantage to interfere with other players' attack/rest cycles.

- Since her gameplay implies probability, you might want to use the second charge of Sticky Bomb if you don't succeed to attach the first one and be able to try again to attach both of them on the next attempt. (Attaching a sticky bomb successfully will display a message in the action log).