[Character Preview] 21M-RFT50

1. Energy Burn (Passive Skill)

Every 3rd attack, burn the Stamina of the enemy by 10% of Aiden's maximum Stamina. If Overload is activated, Aiden recovers health for half of the amount of the burnt Stamina.

2. Overload (Combat Skill)

Performs a normal attack that deals 110% damage and reduces the stamina of all enemies in the area by (15+Lvl). Inflicts Voltage Drop for 15secs.

Voltage Drop

The armor of the enemy is reduced by 50% of the Stamina burnt with Overload.

Voltage Drop is inflicted to all the enemies in the area, but the armor reduction is calculated based on the enemy against Energy Burn has been used.

Aiden Play Guide

- Aiden's skills are designed to prevent the enemy from getting stronger by putting pressure on their stamina rather than enhancing his own power. - Aiden is able to recover a consequent amount of HP when you manage to use Overload with enough Energy Burn stacks. - Try to accumulate 2 stacks of Energy Burn and activate Overload in a noisy area to burn the Stamina of all the players in the area and recover more health!

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