[Character Preview] 21M-RFT51

1. GO! Squirrel! (Field Skill)

For every time Tia searches an area, she receives Paint. After collecting 15 Paints, Tia can paint a picture of a squirrel and bring it to life. The squirrel will help Tia to search for items in the area to bring back 1 of Tia's desired item.

(When Tia is attacked, the Paint stack number resets)

2. Paintwork (Combat Skill, 60s Cooldown)

Performs a normal attack alongside with granting 3 turns of several Paints effects consecutively while dealing extra damage as following.

Yellow Paint : 3% of the opponent's current HP

Red Paint : 10% armor penetration

Blue Paint : 8% of the opponent's lost HP

Tia Play Guide

- Tia can obtain the item she wants by materializing her squirrel from her painting. It is important to widen the gap with the other players through the benefits

- Paintwork deals extra 3 consecutive damages to the enemy. Using it at an appropriate timing will definitely let Tia finish off with a picture perfect!