[Event] Lumia Skin Tournament Event

We introduce a new Event, Lumia Skin Tournament.

Lumia Skin Tournament is a tournament event; characters with the same theme of skins team up, and they get votes from users. By participating in the event, you can get Skin Experience Ticket and other rewards.

What is Skin Experience Ticket?

  • Skin Experience Ticket is a new item that allows you to use a certain skin in a limited time.

  • You can use a skin for 24 hours per ticket.

  • If you use more than one ticket, the period of use will be added up.

  • The Ticket will be stored in your Collection tab, and you can use it by only clicking it.

  • You can only use Skin Experience Ticket for the character you already have.

  • You can sell the Skin Experience Ticket. You can get BP if you sell the ticket.

Lumia Skin Tournament

Team organization

  • Hoodlum team: Hoodlum Hyunwoo, Hoodlum Leon

  • High School Team 1: High School Fiora, High School Hyejin

  • High School Team 2: High School Eva, High School Zahir

  • Kid team: Childhood Jackie, Kid JP

  • Falconer team: Huntress Nadine, Falconer Bernice

  • Hitman team: Hitman Shoichi, Hitman Luke

  • Tourist team: Tourist Dailin, Tourist Nathapon

  • Undercover team: Undercover Alex, Undercover Aya

How to participate

  • Leave Reply to the Event post+Participate the Poll

Event Process

  • After the event post, there will be a poll on the official Facebook page.

  • The team which gets the more votes will be the winner of that round.

  • The winner will advance to the next round.

Event Reward

  • Semi-Final: 1 Skin Experience Ticket of winning team to every users who left their username (Mission complete reward: 5000 Gold )

  • Final: 2 Skin Experience Tickets of winning team to every users who left their username (Mission complete reward: 50 Experience Memory )

Event Schedule

  • 4/22(Wed) Quarter-Final Group 1 Vote: Hoodlums vs Undercover

  • 4/23(Thu) Quarter-Final Group 2 Vote: Kid vs Hunter

  • 4/24(Fri) Quarter-Final Group 3 Vote: High School 1 vs Tourist

  • 4/27(Mon) Quarter-Final Group 4 Vote: High School 2 vs Hitman

  • 4/28(Tue) Semi-Final Group 1 Vote

  • 4/29(Wed) Semi-Final Group 2 Vote

  • 4/30(Thu) Final Vote

  • 5/6(Thu): Winner announcement & Reward distribution

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