[Event] Season 8 Test Subject Skin Selection result

Hello, this is Black Survival.

We are here to announce that the Season 8 Test Subject Skin Selection votings have finally ended yesterday, and Alex has been selected to receive the Season 8 Test Subject Skin.

We would like to express our enormous thanks to our beloved users for participating in this voting sessions.

The users that will be receiving Privilege benefit of Season 8 Test Subject Voting are as follows:

1st round TOP300 Privilege benefit: Eva's Room Deco Item

2nd Round TOP200 Privilege benefit: Eva's Emoticon

3rd Round Top 150 Privilege benefit: Eva's Lantern

4th Round Top 100 Privilege benefit: Eleven's skin voice

5th Round Top 80 Privilege benefit: Alex's Avatar

Final round Top 50 Privilege benefit: Alex's variant avatar

Here is the list of users who will receive all Privilege benefits from Round 1 ~ Final, thanks to their collected cumulative votes being in the TOP 30.