[Notice] Season 7 End Date and Rewards

Hello, this is from Black Survival.

The experimental subject of season 7 was Yuki!!!!! Wow! Clap clap clap clap

Now, we will guide you through the season 7 end schedule and season rewards.

The list of users that will receive the Privilege benefit for this voting will be announced after we complete the list.

1. Season 7 Ending date

April 1st, 2020. (during maintenance)

2. Season 7 End Rewards

2.1. League Rewards

Rewards based on the highest league achieved will be given out at the same time as the Season 8 commenced.

The rewards will reflect on the highest league achieved during the season, and not on the current league before the season end date.

2.1.1. Exclusive border

All Carnivore League players will be receiving an exclusive border.

The exclusive border will be rewarded to players who achieved the highest league during the season and can be used throughout the next season.

2.1.2. Test Subject Skin

① Lion league : Yuki character + Yuki Test Subject skin

② Bear league : Lion league’s reward + Yuki Test Subject Live2D skin

③ Dragon league : Bear league’s reward + Yuki Test Subject (Variant Edition) skin + Yuki Test Subject (Variant Edition) Live2D skin

2.2. Top 100 Rewards

Rewards will be given out to players who entered TOP100 during the season separately with additional rewards.

The final placement for the TOP100 is recorded at the end of the season’s date.

Rewards: 2,400 Credits

2.3. Test Subject Skin Selection Vote Rewards

1st Round of Selection TOP 300 benefit : Yuki Test Subject Emoticon

2nd Round of Selection TOP 200 benefit : Yuki Test Subject Exclusive Deco Item (Research Center room deco item)

3rd Round of Selection TOP 150 benefit : Yuki Test Subject Lantern

4th Round of Selection TOP 100 benefit : Sua Test Subject Voice Pack

5th Round of Selection TOP 80 benefit : Yuki Test Subject Avatar

Final Round of Selection TOP 50 benefit : Yuki Test Subject Variant Avatar

The cumulative number of votes for the Test Subject Selection TOP 30 benefit : All rewards above