Patch Note 10.3.0

1. Lobby 1.1. Tech Lab Update

‘Faded Memories’ – themed limited items will be updated in the Tech Lab. New Skins added  Teen Shoichi (Live2D Animated Skin)  Childhood Chiara  Childhood Daniel (These items will be available for purchase starting from the maintenance completion date November 17th, 2021 ~ December 1st, 2021. Visit Mystery PC/Mileage Shop to obtain the Tech Lab products.) (*Remaining Mileage will automatically change to Gems upon update*)

New Theme and Deco Items  New background theme added related to ‘Faded Memories’

In-game Search Effect Items  Contorted Watch (Limited)  Analog Wireless Radio  Globular Time Capsule

1.2. New Tournament Items added

New items are added to the Tournament Shop. New monologue added  Alex’s Monologue

1.3. New Voice Packs added

Two new voice packs will be added for sale. Newly added voice packs  Hoodlum Luke  Stage Magician Emma

1.4. New Theme Collection added

Two new theme collections will be added to the game Newly added collections  2019 A Not Silent Night  2020 Virtue and Vice

1.5. New PvE Items added

New items will be available for PvE in the game. Newly added skins  Enraged HyunWoo

1.6. Season 10 Test Subject Voting Notice

The Season 10 Test Subject Voting period will be until November 18th, 2021.

1.7. 6th Anniversary Event

Immortal Soul: Black Survival will commence the following events in conjunction with our 6th anniversary. 6th Anniversary Log-in Event All players will be able to obtain various rewards by log-in into the game during the event period. 6th Anniversary Gameplay Event  All players will be able to obtain various rewards by accumulating certain hours of gameplay during the event. 6th Anniversary Live2D Confirmed Special Gacha Event  All players will be able to obtain a 00% of chance in obtaining Live2D skin. (*The special voice announcement reward which will be distributed during log-in event will be voiced in Korean language*)

2. PvP 2.1. Fiora Contre-attaque (Classic and Team)  Cooldown time : 90 secs->70 secs.

2.2. XiuKai Feeling Hot! (Classic and Team)  Stamina consumption : 16%->10%

2.3. Laura Burglar Chic (Classic and Team)  Reallocating the skill stats 0 ~ 2 slots : Accuracy +10%, Total attack damage +5% 3~6 slots : Accuracy +5%, Total attack damage +10% Casing the Joint (Classic and Team)  Additional damage : 1/2/3/4/5-> 1/2/3/5/7

2.4. Tia GO! Squirrel! (Classic and Team)  Paints needed to activate : 15->12

2.5. Supply Adjustments Type A Supply  Removed Ammo  Removed Arrows Icebox Supply Removed Ammo  Removed Arrows

3. PvE 3.1. New characters for PvE Players are now able to use these characters in PvE mode: Li Dailin

3.2. Added new Enraged Test Subjects New Enraged Test Subjects have been added: Enraged HyunWoo

4. Bugfixes PvP (Classic)  Fixed the abnormal disappearance of supply requesting icon when the Research Center was opened by hacking.

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