[Patch Note] 7.4.00 Update (20.02.12)

Hello, this is Black Survival.

On February 12th, there will be regular server maintenance. The client requires a manual update to reflect the changes. The details of the patch are as the following:

7.4.00 Update (20.02.12)

1. Lobby

  1. Tech Lab Update ‘Demon Lord’s Castle’ — themed limited items will be updated in the Tech Lab. • Newly Added Skins - Devil of Flame Adriana (Live2D Animated Skin) - Hero of Belief Fiora - Ruined Country's Prince Yuki (These product items will be available for purchase starting from the maintenance completion date February 12th, 2020 ~ March 4th, 2020. Visit Mystery PC/Mileage Shop to obtain the Tech Lab products.) • New Theme and Deco Items - New background theme and new decoration items added • Live2D Motion Updated for Existing Skin - Dreaming Sua (Players will require to purchase the Live2D ticket from the Credit Shop to activate this skin’s Live2D motion) • In-game Search Effect Items - Wand of Red Flame (Limited item) - Badge of Prince - Ruined Country's Torch (*Remaining Mileages will automatically change to Access Codes upon update*)

  2. New Character Release A new character is released. • Nicky Release - Champion Nicky - Nicky’s Research Journal 4-types (except Interview) - Nicky’s character & skin package sale for limited time

  3. Voice Pack Added Two new voice packs will be added for sale. • Newly added voice packs - Slaughterer Jackie - Hairstylist Daniel

  4. Season 7 Test Subject Voting Starts The voting session for this season’s Test Subject selection has started! All players will be able to vote your Test Subject to receive the skin for a month period. • Important Notes on the Test Subject Voting progress - There will be 6 rounds of voting throughout the month, characters will be eliminated until the fifth round, and the character with the most votes on the final round will be selected for the Test Subject skin. - Top users with the most casted of their votes for each rounds will be awarded benefits. - All benefit rewards and the Test Subject rewards will be distributed in the next season.

  5. UI/UX Improvements A partial improvements has been made to increase the quality of game play Combat • Screen adjustments - Improved the display image and detail panel for the resolution larger than 16:9.

2. Combat

  1. XiuKai Gourmand (Both Classic and Team) - Recovery rate : 20% → 15%

  2. Rio • Added Interview

  3. Eva • Stats - Mastery for Thrown : E+ → D • Vital Crash - Additional Mastery obtain : 30% → 40%

  4. New Items Added • Ancient Elixir Stone (Accessories) - Grade : Rare - Craft method : Herb + Flint - Option : Armor 10 Max Health 10 • Eye of Horus (Accessories) - Grade : Epic - Craft method : White Powder + Ancient Elixir Stone - Option : Armor 15 Max Health 15 Extra health recovery when using recovery item +10%

  5. Item Adjustments • Accessories Uchiwa - Decrease in damage receive : -5 → -4 Pirate Flag - Craft method : Flag + Twin Sword → Flag + Sharp Kitchen Knife Optical Camouflage Bag - Craft method : Army Suspenders + Glass Panel → Army Suspenders + Glass Pieces

3. Bugfixes

  • Fixed the issue where the UI tutorial guide was displayed abnormally at certain resolutions.

  • Fixed the issue where the UI for the practice range was displayed as other game modes when starting another battle and was interrupted due to the connection issues.

  • Fixed the disappearance of the Superhuman Path effect when Jenny’s Play Dead was activated.

  • Fixed the issue with the Confidence Lvl injection rewarded from the Aglaia’s Pass rewards does not work appropriately.