[Patch Note] 7.5.00 Update (20.03.04)

Hello, this is Black Survival.

On March 4th, there will be regular server maintenance. The client requires a manual update to reflect the changes. The details of the patch are as the following:

1. Lobby

  1. Tech Lab Update ‘Rockin’ Fever’ — themed limited items will be updated in the Tech Lab. • Newly Added Skins - Drummer Rio (Live2D Animated Skin) - Bandleader Hart - Keytar Jackie (These product items will be available for purchase starting from the maintenance completion date March 4th, 2020 ~ March 18th, 2020. Visit Mystery PC/Mileage Shop to obtain the Tech Lab products.) • New Theme and Deco Items - New background theme and new decoration items added • Live2D Motion Updated for Existing Skin - Résistance Isol (Players will require to purchase the Live2D ticket from the Credit Shop to activate this skin’s Live2D motion) • In-game Search Effect Items - Custom Made Electric Guitar (Limited item) - Microphone Stand - Love and Peace Plectrum (*Remaining Mileages will automatically change to Access Codes upon update*)

  2. Voice Pack Added Two new voice packs will be added for sale. • Newly added voice packs - Busker Hart - Muay Thai Jan

  3. Spectator’s Mode Improvement Several improvements has been made to ensure smoothness on the Spectator’s Mode. • Fixed an issue of the delay occurrences of spectating-real time combat during the match. • Added elements that were not displayed in the player’s spectating screen before (such as damage log, continuous damage log, and some other effects). • Improved the UI for the map of the spectating screen. • Fixed several occurrences where the display was out of perspective.

  4. Combat Practice’s Improvement The texts for Mastery system’s notice and warning messages has been added.

  5. Avatar Research Center Overhaul Players can now add 4 Avatars maximum in 1 Research Center.

  6. Avatar Buffs Notification Added Players can now check the details on the Avatar’s Buff Effect via item pop-up when selecting the Avatar product in the Tech Lab.

2. Combat

  1. Target Item OverhaulWhen players are setting for the Target Item, the items on the panel will be exposed in the order of the equipment (Head, Armor) – Ingredients (Food, Normal).

  2. FioraSkill Rework : Weapon Polishing (Classic) - Removed the probability chance of weapon destruction / Granted an ability to have assurance for weapon not defecting 1 time + enhancement When equipping a Stab weapon, the weapon will be granted Fiora's Touch effect. Fiora’s Touch : The weapon's damage will be enhanced by 1, and weapon defect will be ignored 1 time(s). This effect will disappear immediately after a weapon defect is ignored. ※The damage enhancement will not stack when crafting a top item.

  3. Zahir • Skill Rework : Eye of Azrael (Classic) - Avoid the limits that can be expected with a 5% probability chance of finding corpse. When activated, find and mark all corpses on the map and then receive the Eyes of the Heart effect for 20 secs. Eyes of the Heart : Increase the chance of finding a corpse by 100% when searching. The effect will disappear when the duration time has depleted or when a corpse has been found. • Stats - Atk growth : 2.6 → 2.4 (Upon Lv18, 56.2 → 52.8)

  4. William • Stats - Lv1 Atk : 14 → 16

  5. Jenny • Play Dead - Amount of HP revived on taking fatal damage : 1HP → 50HP

  6. Alex • Stats - Lv1 Stamina : 100 → 124

  7. Magnus • 1vs17 (Team) 1vs17 skill that is exclusive for Team Match has been made such changes. - Cooldown time : 60 secs → 70 secs - The coefficient number on level multiplication for inflicting skill damage : 3 → 2

  8. Rozzi • Easy Shot (both Classic and Team) - Gain additional weapon Mastery when killing a wild animal : 50% → 100% - Gain additional weapon Mastery when killing enemy : 500% → 400% • Stats - Starting Bow Mastery : D → F

  9. Item Adjustments • Thrown Boomerang - Quantity to be used: 1 → 2 Enhanced Boomerang - Quantity to be used : 1 → 2 • Arm Sword of Shah Jahan - Removed the item option for extra damage by Blade

  10. Item Skill Adjustment • Sanguine Miracle (Item: Spear of Longinus) - Cooldown time added : 60 secs • Unsheathe (Item: Sword of Shah Jahan) - Item skill name changes : Unsheathe → Spirit of Shah Jahan - Conditions for skill judgment on combat : When escaped for 12 secs → When escaped for 6 secs - Removed all limitations on Blade attacks (other skill that inflicts damage is allowed)