[Patch Note] 8.0.00 Update (20.04.29)

Hello, this is Black Survival.

The Black Survival Season 8 has commenced. Here are the following changes which will be applied in accord with the new season:

- The TOP100 players in Season 7 will be recorded in the Season 7 Hall of Fame. - Rewards will be distributed according to the highest RP achieved in Season 7. - Season 7 Test Subject vote benefits will be distributed. - RP for Carnivore League will be soft-reset. - The conditions to purchase promotion packages will be initialized.

8.0.00 Update (20.04.29)

1. Lobby

1.1. Tech Lab Update

‘Sweet Spring Wedding’ — themed limited items will be updated in the Tech Lab.

  • Newly Added Skins - Wedding Dress Hyejin (Live2D Animated Skin) - Wedding Suit HyunWoo - Wedding Dress Eva (These product items will be available for purchase starting from the maintenance completion date April 29th, 2020 ~ May 13th, 2020. Visit Mystery PC/Mileage Shop to obtain the Tech Lab products.)

  • New Theme and Deco Items - New background theme and new decoration items added

  • Live2D Motion Updated for Existing Skin - Dry flower Sissela (Players will require to purchase the Live2D ticket from the Credit Shop to activate this skin’s Live2D motion)

  • In-game Search Effect Items - Sweet Wedding Bouquet (Limited) - Rose Gold Candelabrum - Dry Flower Invitation Card

(*Remaining Mileages will automatically change to Access Codes upon update*)

1.2. New Character Release

A new character, Echion is released.

  • Echion release - Hoodlum Echion (skin) - Echion’s Research Journal (except Interview) - Echion character and skin integrated pack will be on sale for a limited period

1.3. Voice Pack Added

Two new voice packs will be added for sale.

  • Newly added voice packs - Childhood JP - Highschool Eva

1.4. Character Package Item Overhaul

The character package product item configuration is changed. Those who purchased an existing character package product can also purchase a new character package product.

  • The existing character package product (Rosalio, XiuKai, Jenny, Nadine) has ended

  • New character package (Jackie, Aya, Hart, Leon) added

1.5. UI/UX Improvements

Several functionality improvements have been made for the player’s convenience.

  • Improvements on Ranked records - Improved the details for Ranked records and history - Added a growth record - Improved the character stars promotion

  • Added Season Review Function - Provide the players with an overall review of the previous seasons gameplay

  • Research Result - Improved tutorial guide for Research Result - Added lobby markings (recent matches records, waiting room, matching screen) - Improved the ability for players to make modifications of Research Result in Team Matches waiting screen - Added in-game markings (enemy encounter screen, survivors list, result screen)

2. Combat

2.1. Introduced Ranked Matches Pre-Promotion

Pre-promotion on Ranked Matches has been added. The pre-promotion starts when each league reaches 100 points in the first tier and has a total of 3 battles. The pre-promotion will be completed when players won 1 match of the pre-promotion or achieved the quest RP for each league.

  • Upon successful promotion, RP is reset to 1 point in its upper league, and failure to do so will re-assigned the existing league according to the amount of RP acquired during the promotion. After a successful promotion, the relegation protection system is applied in 5 rank battles, and the penalty will be given to players who have been inactive or being dormant. - Players' accounts will be changed to an inactive account if there are no records of playing in Ranked Matches within 30 days, and RP will be reduced for each 7 days after being inactive.

2.2. Yuki

  • Stats - Lv1 Stamina: 120 → 101

2.3. Camilo

  • Anima Ladrón (both Classic and Team) - Cooldown time: 100 secs → 60 secs - Effect duration time: 15 secs → 10 secs

2.4. Item Adjustments

  • Thrown

Heated Whetstone - Type: Thrown (weapon) → Normal (Ingredients) - Maximum overlap quantity: 80 → 6

Heated Oil - Type: Thrown (weapon) → Normal (Ingredients) - Maximum overlap quantity: 80 → 6

3. Bugfixes

  • Fixed the abnormality of the processor where the character status pop-up of the item equipped and etc. the close button was dysfunctional.

  • Fixed the output error for Rio’s character voice where the voice output was in Korean instead of Japanese.