[Patch Note] 9.4.01 Update

Hello, this is Black Survival.

On May 12th, there will be regular server maintenance. The client requires a manual update to reflect the changes. The details of the patch are as the following:

1. Lobby

1.1. Tech Lab Update

The 25th Mystery PC lineup ‘Aglaia’s Supply’ has been released. This Tech Lab will focus on new skin and avatars, emoticons, and background theme. For more in-depth details, players may check on [Preview] announcements.

  • New skins added: - Goth Sissela (Live2D Animated Skin)

  • New Avatars added - Eva Avatar - Idol HyunWoo Avatar

  • New Emoticons added - Angelika Emoticons - Ersha Emoticons

  • Re-release of Products: - Pilot Silvia (Live2D) / Pilot Cathy / Pilot Magnus / Airstrip (background) / Huntress Nadine (Live2D)

(These items will be available for purchase starting from the maintenance completion date May 12h, 2021 ~ Mai 26th, 2021. Visit Mystery PC/Mileage Shop to obtain the Tech Lab products.)

(*Remaining Mileage will automatically change to Gems upon update*).

1.2. Release of Aglaia Pass Episode 10

The Episode in Aglaia’s Pass unravels various kinds of stories that are going on with specific Test Subjects during the experimentation. Players are able to progress with the story by meeting certain conditions and earn rewards upon completion.

  • Aglaia’s Pass Episode 10 ‘Gastronomy’ Release - Rewards - Episode story - Episode Character Skins (Exclusive to BS Pass / BS Pass+) * Guest Nadine (Live2D) * Lumia’s Chef XiuKai * Straggler Adela - Episode BGM (Exclusive to BS Pass / BS Pass+) * Childhood Memory (Lobby BGM)

* There might be slight differences in the Live2D animation compared to the community post animation that was announced.

1.3. Codex

New content has been added to the Codex

  • Mail - 1 new mail has been added

2. Combat

2.1 Cathy

  • Status - Lv1 health: 136 → 128

2.2 Leon

  • Rapacious Collecting (Classic and Team Match) - Cooldown: 30Sec → 40Sec

2.3 Arda

  • No Digging (Classic and Team Match) - Other players additional stamina consumption over search: +1 → +3


  • The issue of Li Dailin’s Drunken Master's effect not being displayed when playing against a character with a field-effect skill has been fixed.

  • The issue when items could not be selected in the Consecration item panel has been fixed.

  • Fixes have been made about the way test subject voting’s results are displayed.

  • The issue with Bianca’s health growth’s change has been fixed

  • The issue of Arda earning 0.5 bonus EXP when finding an item after using NO Digging has been fixed.

  • The issue of the Sweet Li Dailin Live2D Skin motion not being played on a loop has been solved.