[Patch Note] 9.700 Update (21.07.21)

Hello, this is Black Survival.

On July 21st, there will be regular server maintenance. The client requires a manual update to reflect the changes. The details of the patch are as the following:

1. Lobby

1.1. Tech Lab Update

Summer Escape’ — themed limited items will be updated in the Tech Lab.

  • New skins added: - Seaside Eva (Live2D Animated Skin) - Seaside Chloe - Seaside Yuki

(These items will be available for purchase starting from the maintenance completion date July 21st, 2021 ~ August 4th, 2021. Visit Mystery PC/Mileage Shop to obtain the Tech Lab products.)

(*Remaining Mileage will automatically change to Gems upon update*)

  • New Theme and Deco Items - New background theme and new decoration items added related to ‘Summer Escape’

  • In-game Search Effect Items - Summer Night Fireflies(Limited) - Tequila Sunrise - Summer Watermelon

1.2. New Character Release

A new character, Aiden has been released.

  • Aiden Release - Hitman Aiden (Skin) - Aiden’s Research Journal (Except Interview) - Aiden Character and Skin integrated pack will be on sale for a limited period

* From now on, the skin integrated pack released with the new characters will include a non Live2D skin.

1.3. New Tournament Items Added

New Items will be added to the Tournament Shop.

  • New Monologue added - Nicky's Monologue

1.4. PvE

New content has been added to the PvE mode.

  • New Skin - Enraged Bernice

1.5. Voice Packs Added

Two new voice packs will be added for sale

  • Newly added voice packs - Seaside Alex - Seaside Cathy

1.6. New Theme Collection Added

2 New theme collections will be added to the game

  • Newly added collections: - 2018 The Hoodlum - 2019 Summer Splash

1.7. Research Results Adjustments

  • Healing Cell - Normal Result: Inflammatory Response Restrainment * HP Recovery when resting: +2

  • Ultra-vibration - Special Result: Ultra-vibration Resonance * Armor penetration rate when HP is above 50%: +9%

  • Environmental Variable - Special Result: EV-Type 1 CU * Grants one random item among Dress/Dress Shirt/Bishop’s Cassock at the start of a match → Dress/Bikini/Bishop’s Cassock

1.8. New Research Results Added

The new Research Result aims to improve the survivability

  • Special Research Result: Rapid Remodeling (Cooldown: 80secs) - Activates Enhanced Remodeling that restores 50% of the damage received on each attack for the next 2secs. (If no recovery occurs, the cooldown is reduced by 80%)

  • Normal result 1: - Body Reinforcement: Character's basic armor enhanced by 20% - Cloth Assimilation: Total item's armor enhanced by 3%

  • Normal Result 2: - Adaptive Prominence: The character's attack is permanently enhanced by +0.3 each time health is recovered with Rapid Remodeling. - Cell Membrane Protection: The character's armor is permanently enhanced by +1 each time health is recovered with Rapid Remodeling.

1.9. Aptitude Rework

The following aptitude has been reworked.

  • Ammo Supply - Naming: Ammo Supply/Reinforcement - Effect: Gains supplies to make the weapon in use fully reloaded. The next 3 bullets become FMJ bullets, enhanced with +10% armor penetration.

2. PvP

2.1. Supply Request Added

The new feature will allow requesting some ingredients or recovery items during the game, after surviving a certain amount of time.

  • Drone Appearance Time - 6 minutes after the beginning of the game (available for 180secs). - 11:30 minutes after the beginning of the game (available for 180secs).

  • Concerned Game Mode - Individual Match (Normal/Rank/Single/Private/Tournament)

2.2. Dulled/Defected/Broken weapon system rework

The existing ‘dulled weapon’ and ‘broken weapons’ system has been reworked, and the weapon enhancement system has been adapted to match the changes.

  • New Terminology - Dulled → Damaged

  • Weapons that can get damaged (Dulled) - Blade, Blade/Stab → All weapons except for Thrown weapons.

  • Weapon destruction process - Normal Weapon → Weapon damaged (-1) → Weapon damaged (-2) → Weapon defected → Weapon destroyed

  • Probability for each state - Normal (0): PRD 7% - Damaged (-1): PRD 7% - Damaged (-2): PRD 2% (Short-distance) / 1% (Long-distance) - Defected: PRD 2% (Short-distance) / 1% (Long-distance) - Broken

  • Change of mechanic for Gun/Bow weapons with no ammo - The rule of Gun/Bow weapons having 10x chances to get destroyed has been removed

  • Change in enhancement items, and new enhancement items added - Meteorsteel: Prevent your weapon from being damaged/defected/broken for the next 30 times you perform an attack - Whetstone: Blade, Stab, Blade/Stab - Recovers a damaged weapon 1 time - Nail: Hand, Blunt - Recovers a damaged weapon 1 time. - Oil: Gun, Bow - Recovers a damaged weapon 1 time.

2.3. Gunshot Sound mechanic rework

The sound of gunshots is no longer heard all over the island.

  • Areas notifying the sound of gunshots: entire map → Adjacent Areas

2.4. Fiora

  • Weapon Polishing (Classic Match) - The effect that protected the weapon from damage/destruction 1 time has been removed (Fiora’s Touch effect icon has been removed) - The effect granting +2 attack bonus to the crafted weapon remains, but the bonus can be removed if the weapon gets damaged.

2.5. Hart

  • Dissonance (Classic Match) - Additional damage inflicted based on the state of the enemy’s weapon * Weapon damaged (-1): additional damage +3 * Weapon damaged (-2): additional damage +6 * Defected weapon: breaks the weapon (No change made)

2.6. Adela

  • Promotion (Classic and Team Match) - Number of stacks required: 3/10/35/70 → 3/10/35/90

2.7. Sua

  • Reading/Pabulum - Change has been made so that the sound effect of Reading is also displayed when using Palabulum

2.8. Echion

  • Interview Added

2.9. Laura

  • Casing the Joint (Classic and Team Match) - Cooldown: 60Secs → 30 Secs - Additional damage bonus based on the enemy’s items: 1/2/2/3/5 → 1/2/3/4/5

2.10. Lenox

  • The content of her interview has been modified.

2.11. Items

  • Sword Stopper - Dull Blade effect removed - New effect: Damage from short-range weapons: -2%

  • Oil - Category: Ingredients → Enhance

2.12. Item’s Skills Rework

The following item’s skills have been reworked

  • Destruction Immunity - Dull Blade (Tachyon Blade/Monkey King Bar/Kelte/Sharanga/Chimera's Cry/Durendal mk2) * Can't get damaged/defected/destroyed

  • Optical Weapon - The weapon cannot get destroyed (can be damaged/defected).

  • Spartoi (King Black Mamba/Queen Death Adder/ Black Mamba/ Death Adder/ Viper) - The effects granted when using the Whetstone have been removed.

2.13. Item’s Skills Deleted

The following item’s skills have been deleted temporarily deleted following the broken weapon rework. A revised version of the skin will be added later.

  • Hungry Blade (Dáinsleif)

  • Heartdrinker (Red Muffler)

  • Starlight (Meteor Gauntlet)

3. PvE 3.1 New Characters Added

The following characters can now be selected

  • Shoichi

  • Rio

  • Nadine

3.2 Sissela

Agony Bearer

  • Sissela starts the game with the maximum number of Pain stacks.

3.3 New Item's Skills added

Skills have been added to the following items. Some skills might differ with the PVP mode.

  • The Great Lu Bu (Sky Piercer) - +10% attack when HP is lower than 50%

  • Stormwind (Banana Leaf Fan) - Every 5th turn, deals 20% skill damage to all enemies.

  • Trophy Hunting (Bone Crusher) - Randomly gains 1~3 weapon(s) if the last hit killed the enemy.

  • BOOM! (High Explosive Grenade/ Grand Hand Cannon/ Shatter Shell Gauntlet) - Every 3rd card used, grants (10 + Character level) skill damage.

  • Devil's Shot (Devil's Marksman) - Every 2nd card used, performs a crit attack reduced by 120%.

3.4 New Synthetic Test Subject’s skills added

Synthetic Test Subjects now have different skills based on their type.

3.5 New Enraged Test Subject Added

Enraged Bernice has been added to the PvE mode.

3.6 PvE Mode – UI/UX enhancement

Some features have been improved to provide players better gaming experience.

  • Environment Notification Added - Noise/Scream/Gunshot notification will be displayed at a fixed probability based on the enemy’s actions on the searching screen.

  • Tutorial Added (Lobby/In-game) - PvE Lobby – basic tutorial - PvE In-game – basic tutorial

  • Difficulty adjustments - Hard mode: More time will be available for combat preparation.

  • The issue of the Pop-up window closing automatically when finding multiple items has been improved. - The window will not be closed automatically when finding multiple items and canceling an item replacement.

  • The way cards are arranged has been improved. - Cards will be sorted and displayed based on the order of the characters in the team and the type of skills.

4. Bugfixes

- The issue that caused the UI of some cards and buttons of the menu to disappear after using a recovery item and switching to cards has been fixed. - The issue of item images being widely displayed has been fixed. - The mistake in the text being displayed every turn after using Adriana’s Arson skill has been fixed (1/1/1 -> 1/2/3) - Enraged Zahir’ chance to obtain the card ‘Damnation’ has been revised as follows: 10% -> 40%) - The error in Enraged Chiara’s ‘Shrine of Corruption’ skill description has been fixed (during 2 turns -> during 1 turn).

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