Patch Note10.2.0

1. Lobby

1.1. Tech Lab Update ‘Tricks and Treats’ – themed limited items will be updated in the Tech Lab.

New Skins added

l Mummy Laura (Live2D Animated Skin)

l Red Riding Hood Eleven

l Vampire Johann

(These items will be available for purchase starting from the maintenance completion date October 20th, 2021 ~ November 3rd, 2021. Visit Mystery PC/Mileage Shop to obtain the Tech Lab products.)

(*Remaining Mileage will automatically change to Gems upon update*)

New Theme and Deco Items

l New background theme and new decoration items added related to ‘Tricks and Treats’

In-game Search Effect Items

l Jack O’Lantern(2021) (Limited)

l Gothic Cross

l Halloween Candy

1.2. New Tournament Items added New items will be added to the Tournament Shop.

New Monologue added

l Celine’s Monologue

New Title added

l Sharp Rose : Activate Weapon Polishing 5 times in a Tournament Match

1.3. New Voice Packs added Two new voice packs will be added for sale.

Newly added voice packs

l Phantom Daniel

l Jiangshi Nicky

Newly character’s voice actor and voice pack changes

l Voice pack for Daniel’s basic skin

l Voice pack for Hairstylist Daniel’s skin

1.4. New Theme Collection added Two new theme collections will be added to the game

Newly added collections

l 2019 The Quartet

l 2020 Detective’s Casebook

1.5. New PvE items added New items will be available for PvE in the game

Newly added skins

l Enraged Adela

1.6. UI/UX improvements Players will get to experience better quality-of-life features which will be added into the game

Added Package Shop

l Purchasable package goods will be categorized separately and added to the shop

1.7. Season 10 Test Subject Voting The Test Subject voting for Season 10 will be commenced. Players will be able to obtain stamps when casting votes and the stamps can be used in Voting shop.

l New quests for vote tickets will be added

l Voting Shop will be opened

2. PvP

2.1. Chiara


l Growth HP : 7 à 6

2.2. Camilo

Duende (Classic and Team)

l Channeling time : 2 secs à 1 sec

l Duration time : 18 secs à 23 secs

2.3. Sissela


l Lv1 Stamina : 96 à 116

2.4. Rozzi

Easy Shot (Classic and Team)

l Cooldown time : 50 secs à 30 secs

2.5. Laura

Burglar Chic (Classic and Team)

l Laura will now gain the following bonus effects based on the condition changes: Laura gains one of the following bonus effects, based on the number of Epic grade items and above in her bag à Laura gains one of the following bonus effects, based on the number of empty slots in her bag.

l Effects: 0~1 slot : Accuracy +10%, total attack dmg +3% 2~3 slots : Accuracy +5%, total attack dmg +5% 4+ slots : Accuracy +3%, total attack dmg +10%

2.6. Tia


l Growth Stamina : 4 à 6

2.7. Item Adjustments


l Tree of Life Stamina recovery : 4 à 100

2.8. Item Skill Addition

l Hungry Blade (Dáinsleif) Grants 1 stack of Hungry Blade when killed an opponent

l Starlight (Meteor Gauntlet) Increases armor by +2% for each stack granted when attacking an enemy (duration time 9 secs, maximum armor +16%)

3. PvE

3.1. Adjustment for Easy Difficulty

The level of difficulty for Easy has been improved and readjusted for players to enjoy the content.

3.2. New characters for PvE

Players are now able to use these characters in PvE mode:

l Johann

l Bianca

3.3. Added new item skills

Item skills will be added to these following items:

l Hungry Blade (Dáinsleif)

l Starlight (Meteor Gauntlet)

3.4. Added new Enraged Test Subjects

New Enraged Test Subjects have been added: Enraged Adela

4. Bugfixes

PvP (Classic)

l Fixed the unresolved pop up display for choosing items when using GO! Squirrel!

l Fixed the issue when certain skills does not changed to be activated when the ammo in an equipped weapon turned to zero.

l Fixed the non-responsive occurrences to choose items from the dropped list when Play Dead skill is activated

l Fixed the error when using Bianca’s Blood Transfusion skill.

l Fixed the issue when players were unable to use shortcut keys when moving from an area to another area.


l Fixed the missing interaction dialogues when placing certain avatars in the avatar’s room.

l Fixed the error in the pop-up display when players changed their nicknames to a duplicated nickname.

l Fixed the pop-up error that displays codes in the waiting room when the private game is full.

l Fixed the non-updated rewards claim display in Aglaia’s Pass episode menu.

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