Preview: BS Tournament

Hello, this is Black Survival

We would like to give you more information about ‘BS Tournament’ that will be added with our Upcoming Update on May 27th. Please keep in mind that some of the content presented in this document is still under development and may undergo changes by the time of its release.

What is ‘BS Tournament’?

BS Tournaments allow people to participate in a real-time competition to determine the final winner of each League. You must reach Carnivore League and finish your placement matches to be able to participate in BS Tournaments.


The Tournament will open at a specific time. You will be able to participate by selecting your Tournament League (Fox/Wolf/Lion/Bear/Dragon) before starting your match. You can access the next round if you are the last player alive (1st place), or access the waiting list if you end up at the 2nd or 3rd place.

The winner and the two players in the waiting list are entitled to move to the next round, and must carry on until the last round to define the winner of the Tournament.

The second and third-placed players will enter the waiting list and will get priority according to their rank to get matched to the next round of the competition. If a player is not able to enter a match despite being on the waiting list, a compensation reward will be distributed.

Tournament Tier System: To ensure fair competition between the contestants a system of Tiers has been implemented.

Your Tournament Tiers will be calculated based upon the best Season League you reached and your actual Season League. In other words, it will place players according to their current skills. (Since the Tournament League System is different than the Rank League System, there is no need to do placement matches).

Since all the Tournament’s League, based on Tournament Tiers happen simultaneously, you can not participate in an inferior Tier than the one you belong to. Therefore, you will compete with players having a similar level.

Beta Tournament

BS Tournament will be carried as an individual competition (Survival-game with 10 participants).

Furthermore, two different versions of the tournament will be available during the time of the BETA to ensure a stable service.

Beta 1_Be the last survivor in two matches to win the Tournament.

The competition will be divided between one Preliminary Round and one Final Round.

Since it’s a quick Tournament that defines the winner after two games, several players can win the tournament if there is a lot of participants.

Beta 2_The last survivor wins the Tournament.

The Tournament goes on until there is only one final survivor.

Being the final survivor and winner of The Beta2 Tournament might be a big challenge. And so is the reward.

The two different Tournaments will happen at the following time:

- On the day of the Tournament, applications will open from PM 8:00 (GMT+9), and will last for 5 minutes. If you don’t apply to enter the Tournament, you won’t be able to participate in the corresponding tournament.

- The Tournament schedule can be changed. In this case, the changes will be announced through official announcements.

Tournament Rewards

Total Prize There is a system of ‘Total Prize’ for each Tournament League. The prize will get bigger based on the number of participants and the amount of RP the participants possess.

The more players participate, and the higher RP participants possess, the bigger gets the ‘Total Prize’

<Example of a prize increasing thanks to a high number of participants>

Elimination Bonus

Rewards won’t be limited to the winners, and the players who fought fiercely will get an Elimination Bonus. The Elimination Bonus (in BP) will be calculated from the number of Characters killed. Each League has a different limitation for the Elimination Bonus.

Each Tournament’s Elimination Bonus has a different limitation listed in the tab below. The higher you get in the competition and the least limitation you have.

Tournament Ranking

Once the tournament starts and after the first match results, a real-time ranking will be available. Of course, you will be able to check information regarding the progression of the Tournament, but you will also be able to check the “Secured Prize” you earned so far.

<Real-time ranking screen>


After the Beta version, a few improvements will be added to the Tournament System to provide you with a more enjoyable experience. Here is the list of the changes planned.

Prize changes

The actual Gold Coins prize will be changed to Tournament Points. The Tournament Points will allow you to buy limited items in the Tournament Shop.

Elimination Bonus Changes

Elimination Bonus will be distributed in Gems.

Tournament Shop

In the Tournament Shop, you will be able to purchase exclusive items such as Limited 2D Skins, special Voice Packs...

Cumulative Ranking After participating in a Tournament, you will be able to check your overall cumulative ranking results.