[Preview] - Codex

On March 31th, Codex will be added as new content to the game.

Please notice that the following features are still under development, there might be changes by the time of the update.


  • The codex can be seen as a tablet from which the researcher (you) can access different story content such as E-mails, reports, photos, etc...


  • 5 different menus are available from Home: Mailbox, Media, File, News, and Private.

  • As a researcher, players will have access to different documents related to the 'BS Project'.

  • Each menu contains various content such as research details, or daily life information in the research center, organized based on their types: images, vocals, and texts.


  • A timeline will display BS milestones and incidents, and depending on the event, players can access cut scenes, images, and voice content.

  • Some of the Aglaia's Pass Episodes have also been added to the timeline to help players understand the chronology of events.

Codex Goal

  • Codex aims to bring more scenario content to the game, revealing more story aspects to players.

  • We hope that the new Codex content will please players who expressed curiosity about the lore of the game and frustration with the lack of it in the game.