[Preview] Collection

On March 3rd, Collection content will be added to the game.

Please notice that the following features are still under development, there might be changes by the time of the update.

The newly added Collection can be found in the menu as follows and will be divided into Theme, Character, and Skin Collections.

Theme Collection

  • Tech Lab Mystery PC themes’ Collection.

  • A collection is complete when all the theme-related skins are acquired, and a reward is available when the collection is complete.

  • More Theme Collections will be added throughout future updates.

  • The corresponding rewards are temporary and may be subject to changes.

Theme Stories

  • An exclusive story can be unlocked upon completing each collection.

  • Theme Stories are available after claiming the corresponding Collection’s reward.

Character Collection

  • Character Collection gathers every available Character as well as the different Characters the user possesses.

  • The collection can be organized based on the different Masteries, and the Collection can be checked at once.

View all

  • ‘View all’ is available in Theme Collection and Character Collection.

  • In Theme Collection, you can see all Mystery PC limited skins, based on their launch year.

  • All the characters, based on their mastery can be checked In Character Collection.

  • In the ‘View all’ menu, you can save and share your collection of characters and skins.

Skin Collection

  • All existing skins can be checked in the Skin Collection.

  • Skins are organized based on their grade.

  • The Standby motion and Touch motion of Live2D Skins can be previewed.