[Preview] Dulled/Defected/Broken weapon system rework

The Dulled/Defected/Broken weapon system will be reworked with our July 21st Update.

Please notice that the following features are still under development, there might be changes by the time of the update.

Dulled/Defected/Broken weapons - System Integration

Plan The Defected/Destroyed weapon mechanic is an important part of the survival game. We heard complaints about the fact that the Defected/Destroyed weapon mechanic was too much of a game-changer since it could completely change the outcome of a game in a second. It even became somehow discouraging for some players to play the game. The fact that only Blades and Stab weapons could be enhanced using a Meteorsteel was also considered as part of the issue. In the current meta, Meteorite is mainly used as an ingredient to craft armor items, which penalizes the relevant weapons.

However, we know that some users consider this as one of the things that contribute to make Black Survival unique in the survival genre. That’s why we tried to relieve the stress inherent to the mechanic while keeping it into the game.

Gradation The new penalty system will be common to all kinds of weapons (except for Thrown weapons), and several phases will be added before the weapon's destruction.

The probability for a dulled weapon to get defected is as follows:

Normal (0): PRD 7% Dulled (-1): PRD 7% Dulled (-2) : PRD 2% (Short-distance) / 1% (Long-distance) Defected : PRD 2% (Short-distance) / 1% (Long-distance) Broken

New terminology (Dulled → Damaged) Since the ‘dulled’ weapon system is now extended to all weapons, the terminology has been changed to ‘damaged’.

Rework of several elements Meteorsteel Rework

  • The mechanic of Meteorsteel having a chance to improve the attack of a weapon has been deleted. Instead, the Meteorsteel now prevents your equipped weapon from getting damaged/defected/destroyed for the next 30 times you attack an enemy. This can be used for any weapon except for Thrown weapons.

Enhance Weapon Rework

  • Whetstone can be used on a weapon to recover a damaged weapon 1 time. The same effect will be provided to other items as follows: - Whetstone: Blade, Stab, Blade/Stab - Recovers a damaged weapon 1 time. - Nail: Hand, Blunt - Recovers a damaged weapon 1 time. - Oil: Gun, Bow - Recovers a damaged weapon 1 time.

Other Character / Item skills

Certain character/item skills will be changed/removed according to the new mechanic. Please check the Patch Notes for more details. Thank you.

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