[Preview] Pre-Promotion &Inactive account policy

Starting with the April 29 update, new systems; Pre-promotion, and Inactive account policy will be added. These contents are currently under development, so please note that it can be changed during regular updates.


What is Pre-promotion?

BlackSurvival has two leagues; Herbivore and Carnivore.

And each league are divided into five tiers, and each tier is divided into five divisions.

Pre-promotion is a quest which you should play when you want to promote to the next tier. If you clear the quests given thorough the 3 games, you can promote to the next tier, and if you couldn't clear the quest, you will be back to the previous tier.

Pre-promotion rule

  • Only Carnivore league players can participate in pre-promotion

  • During the Placement, you can't play pre-promotion game.

  • If you get higher RP during the 3 ranked game, you can complete the quest.

  • If you win one game during the pre-promotion game, you can complete the pre-promotion quest immediately.

  • If you fail to earn RP, your tier will remain the same.

Also, the Demotion prevent system is added. If you succeeded in promotion, you won't be demoted for the next five ranked games.

RP demotion policy

From now on, if you don't play the ranked game for 30days, your account will be turned into an inactive account and your RP will be decreased. If your account turned into an inactive account, your RP will be decreased every 7 days. So if you want to stay in your league, you should play ranked games constantly.

Inactive Account Policy

  • In the Herbivore league, the account will not be inactivated.

  • In the Fox league, the account will not be inactivated.

  • In the Placement, the account will not be inactivated.

  • The higher your tier, the more RP will be decreased during the inactivation.

  • Your tier or division can be changed due to the demotion.

  • The demotion starts 30days after your last ranked game, and your RP will be decreased every 7days.

  • If you are in pre-promotion and your account is inactivated, pre-promotion will be canceled.

  • During preseason, there will be no demotion.

  • After the start of the new season and the RP was initialized, the RP wouldn't fall if you hadn't played a single Ranked game.

The new pre-promotion and the RP demotion policy is designed to give users the motivation to play the ranked game.