[Preview] Preview for Test Subject Vote Benefit

[Preview] Preview for Test Subject Vote Benefit

Hello, this is Black Survival.

Together with the August 18th update, Season 10 will start and we are here to announce the list of rewards for the Season 9 Test Subject voting event. Users who reached the top as top voters during each selection rounds and users who reached the Top 30 for accumulated votes throughout the selection rounds will be receiving these rewards. 14M-RFT12's Deco items : Top 300 voters for 1st Selection

14M-RFT12's Altar, 14M-RFT12's Drawer, 14M-RFT12's Bed

14M-RFT12's Emoticons : Top 200 voters for 2nd Selection

14M-RFT12's Lantern Skin : Top 150 voters for 3rd Selection

14M-RFT12's Voice : Top 100 voters for 4th Selection

14M-RFT12’s Avatar / Variant 14M-RFT12’s Avatar : Top 80 voters for 5th Selection / Top 30 voters for the Final Selection