[Preview] Rank History & Season Review

Hello, This is BlackSurvival.

Starting with the April 29 update, the Rank history information will be improved and the 'Season Review' tab will be added. These contents are currently under development, so please note that it can be changed during regular updates.

Rank History

The current rank history tab contains uncertain information, and hard to understand. Therefore, we are going to provide more accurate and easy to understand information about the game to you.

Also, added Growth Record which will provide information about the average records of your league so that you can compare your records to other users.

Rank History

  • Deleted [Highly Placed] record which has an unclear meaning

  • Added [Average Survival Time] record

  • The condition for the Hacking record has changed. Now it only records the winning result using System Shutdown Code.

  • Deleted Kill/Death record

  • Season Review button added

  • Tooltip added

Growth Record

The Growth record provides a radar chart and a chart. You can compare your records to the average records in your league. There are five categories in Growth record.Growth : Average Level

  • Wild Animals: Average Wild Animals Kills

  • Combat: Average Damage Dealt

  • Survival: Average Survival Time

  • Mastery: Average Mastery

Character Record

Character record will now provide more information. You can check the average survival time, average mastery rank, Kill/Game, and earn RP of each character. And the characters will be sorted by their number of winning records, and the number of the games.

Season Review

What is Season Review?

From Season 8, we will provide the records of the previous season.

Season review is only available for two months after the season starts.

We will do our best to make the next season to be more fun and interesting with the new systems. Thank you always.