[Preview] - Supply Request

The Supply Request will be available with our July 21st Update.

Please notice that the following features are still under development, there might be changes by the time of the update.

Supply Request

Supply Request allows players to request a supply of their choosing at a specific time of the game. The new mechanic aims to offer a solution to situations where specific ingredients or healing items could not be found due to low supply. Players will be able to choose and request their supply based on their situation.

Supply Request can be used up to 2 times, 360 secs after the beginning of the game (when the second round of restrictions starts) and 690 secs after the beginning of the game (when the fourth round of restrictions starts).

The supply requests will be displayed as follows

Types of items available

The items available for supply request can be split into two categories: ingredients and recovery items. - Ingredients: Scrap Metal / Iron Ore / Rubber / Leather / Thick Paper / Feather / Battery / Cloth / Alcohol / Wire / Fertilizer / Gunpowder (1 among the list) - Recovery item: First Aid Kit x1 / Scrambled Egg x5 / Tuna Can x1

After selecting an item and clicking on the request button, the supply would be distributed after 3 seconds, and automatically added to your inventory. If there is no slot available in your inventory, the supply will be saved in the ‘dropped’ section. Keep in mind that no action can be made while the supply request occurs, so make sure to be in a safe place when you do it.

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