[Preview] Test Subjects Voting - Season 9

We would like to share with you the new content and features that will be implemented into the game with the start of the Test Subject Voting, on April 28th.

Please notice that the following features are still under development, there might be changes by the time of the update.

Single Voting System

  • The voting system no longer requires selecting several Test Subjects for each vote cast: each vote only requires to select one Test Subject.

Vote Shop

  • A temporary Voting Shop will be available, which offers previously elected Test Subjects’ Voice Packs.

  • 1 Vote Stamp will be received in exchange for each Vote Ticket cast.

  • Vote Stamps can be used to buy Credits or the Art Book of the game in the Voting Shop.

  • Pricing adjustments might occur.

Vote Dashboard

  • A dashboard displaying updates of the voting event has been added.

  • Live results will be provided from the 4th selection round to the final round of the event.


  • A new menu has been added to allow players to easily check the benefits they earned from their votes.

  • Changes have been made so that a wider range of players can benefit from the rewards that can be obtained for each round of voting, as well as their total vote ranking. Additional currency rewards have also been added to the list of rewards.

  • Currency rewards will be distributed at the end of the event. (Limited rewards (benefits) will be distributed at the start of the beginning of the next Season).