PvE - Labýrinthos guide

We want to share with you a few tips about the new PvE mode that has been added with today’s update.

(A tutorial will be added later in-game.)

Action Cost

  • During combat, each action consumes Action Cost.

  • The Action Cost depends on the level of the card being used, and each item consumes 1 Action Cost.

  • The Action Cost available increases with your level of Mastery.

Combine your cards

  • Same Action cards can be combined to be empowered (Lv.1 -> Lv.2 -> Lv.3).

  • The higher the level of the card and the stronger it gets, but you might also need Lv.1 cards in certain situations.

  • Card Lv.2: combine 2 same cards.

  • Card Lv.3: Combine a Lv.1 card with a Lv.2 card of the same type.

Change your stance

  • 2 Different stances are available in PvE.

  • Rapid stance improves the item discovery rate but consumes more stamina.

  • Using rapid stance for too long would trigger more sound which can attract more enemies.

Manage your inventory

  • During the preparation phase, items such as healing items, thrown weapons, ammo, and arrows can be moved to the bag to be used.

  • Using an item will consume 1 Action Cost.

Remove an ally from your team

  • You can choose to remove an ally from your team to be able to recruit a new one.

  • Keep in mind that once an ally is removed, you will also lose all their equipped items.

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