Team BS Policy (latest update: April 20th, 2021)

1. Apply Conditions

Application to Team BS will be available if the following conditions are met; Applicant must

have a record of Black Survival stream contents uploaded for more than 10 hours or at least 2 videos Black Survival related User-Created Contents (UCC) on the applicant’s broadcast ID or channel according to the conditions stated below.

Team BS Apply Link

※The following terms are the minimum conditions for application and are approved by the Team BS manager.

※ Applicant must not have any record of restrictions on the game due to the language abuse (profanity or language abuse in-game chat, nickname, battlecry, will, or etc.) within last 6 months or due to the violation within the last one year.

If you become a member of Team BS, you will receive an invitation link to your dedicated Discord channel via email. All activity reports and notifications will be made through this Discord Channel.

2. Team BS Activity and pt Policy

Team BS has a system where pt are calculated by submitting the broadcasted stream replay and submitting UCC link. Please refer to the following notices about how to submit and points to remember. Also, the pt obtained from stream broadcast and UCC share the common acquisition limits, hence please be aware when submitting.

The remaining pt and the current month’s expected pt to be obtained can be reviewed on #pt_notice channel every Monday.

a. Member Level Distribution and Benefits

  • Level 1: - Applied to everyone after register/apply

  • Level 2: - The number of followers for the applicant’s channel must be 100~499 followers

  • Level 3: - The number of followers for the applicant’s channel must be 500~999 followers, 10 hours of streaming each month for 3 months before registration - Platform transfer/Inactivity for 3 months will cause the drop to Level 2, and re-examination is required

  • Level 4: - The number of followers for the applicant’s channel must be above 1000 followers, 10 hours of streaming each month for 3 months before registration - Platform transfer/Inactivity for 3 months will cause the drop to Level 3, and re-examination is required

When the level up conditions are met, please send a personal message to the Team BS manager in Discord, and send a screenshot of evidence for the number of followers. After reviewing the application, the manager will grant/approve the level up application.

Also, when the maximum pt obtained reaches the acquisition limit and is confirmed, the reward for reaching the acquisition limit will be distributed additionally during the month calculation.

  • Level 1 : 1000 Gems

  • Level 2 and above : 2000 Gems

b. Broadcasted Stream Replay Submission Method and Important Notices

Team BS records the broadcast stream time based on the submitted replay of the broadcasted stream videos related to Black Survival.

The broadcasted stream will be recorded in the units of tenths (10 minutes), and the broadcasted stream date is based on the start of the stream time e.g) If the video length is 58 minutes, it will be recorded as 50 minutes

Streamers must use microphone during their broadcast stream session, and if there is a part when the microphone is not used in the submitted replay video, the stream time will not be taken into calculation or recorded.

To submit the broadcasted stream video, please upload on the #replay channel with all the details as listed below. Any broadcasted stream video uploaded with any missing details that are not written, we will not record.

A Member must broadcast their stream at least 10 hours per month in order to receive pt for broadcasted streams. Pt will not be given/distributed if the total broadcasted stream does not reach 10 hours for that month.

In Team BS, in according to the level categories and pt acquisition limit, pt can be distributed by submitting up to maximum 60 hours of the broadcasted stream replays per month.

c. UCC Submission Method

The UCC submission regulations are similar to the UCC conditions as stated in the application conditions, and pt distribution will proceed as the following criteria below regardless of the streamer level.

Basic (2 videos) rewards : 30pt Additional for each 1 video reward : 5pt Maximum additional UCC submission limit : 4 videos

For UCC, a member must at least upload 2 videos per month in order to obtain pt. Pt will not be given/distributed if the total of UCC video submitted is 1 and below.

In Team BS, according to the pt acquisition limit, pt can be distributed by submitting up to maximum 6 videos in a total of the UCC submission per month.

d. pt Calculation and Usage Application

The pt for the one whole month of broadcasted stream time and UCC will be distributed on the second Friday in the following month. The distributed pt can be exchange for goods through the application. The exchangeable goods list is as the following.

In order to use the pt, registration for an account for broadcasting stream will be required. Please send a screenshot of “in-game nickname and the device transfer code” via DM to the Team BS manager.

The Gems, Gold coins, BP that was exchanged from pt can be distributed to another account with the appointed in-game nickname, and it is possible to distribute up to a maximum of 100 people at a time or separately.

Pt usage can be requested at any time by using the #pt_use channel, however, the distribution will be given out every Monday by Korean time (GMT+9). In the case of holidays, the schedule may be pushed back.

e. Inactive Streamer

Streamers who are inactive for 3 months will be automatically be categorized as ‘inactive streamer’. Although it is classified as an inactive streamer, it is possible to return at any time and there is no restriction on the use of pt. However, if you are classified as an inactive streamer when in Level 3 / Level 4 streamer, please be aware that the level will be dropped by one.

3. Team BS Regulations and Sanctions

a. Discord Channel Usage Guide

#notice : Notice and announcement channel for overall Team BS. #about_program_ : Team BS basic policy and related contents. #pt_use : Request to use pt can be done in this channel. #pt_notice : Confirmation on remaining pt amount and the expected pt distribution for the next month can be done in this channel. #qna : Inquiries and answers related to Team BS can be done in this channel #faq : Frequently asked questions can be found in this channel. #replays : Submission for the broadcasted stream replays can be done in this channel . #replays_ucc : Submission for the UCC contents can be done in this channel. #event_mails : Weekly event support application/registration (Support will not be available starting from September 1st) #feedback : Reporting for game related inconveniences or experiences can be done in this channel. #plaza : Hang out space for all streamers can be done in this channel. #sharing_informations : A channel for tips and information sharing among streamers.

b. Basic Regulations

The following violations will result in sanction according to the steps.

  • During the broadcast stream, any insensitive commentary, slanders or criticism on nationalities, race, gender, politics, religious group that would arise conflicts.

  • User-generated content and broadcast streams with abusive, offensive, or inappropriate titles. (This rule applies to content released after April 20th, 2021)

The sanction will be done in according to these steps: 1st Sanction → 2nd Sanction → Support Suspension

However, an immediate suspension will take action for the following cases:

  • Intentional Abusing Act where streamers intentionally submitted the last months broadcasted stream replay and camouflage it as the current month’s broadcasted stream replay in order to obtain an unfair pt, or purposely submit a disguised broadcasted stream date, and such.

  • Account has been restricted due to the language abuse (profanity or language abuse in-game chat, nickname, battlecry, will, or etc.) or any violation/unacceptable behavior in the game.

  • Inappropriate URL uploaded on BS Live!

Also, the inappropriate URL which is unrelated to Black Survival uploaded on BS Live! will result in immediate suspension of Team BS for a month period.

The suspension will restrict streamers to use their pt for a week period and any activities related to Team BS are limited.

c. Chat Regulations in Discord Channel

The following violations related to channels will result in sanctions according to the order.

  • Slanders or demeaning criticism on other individuals, politics, religious group

  • Profanity, abusive language (All direct and indirect expressions will be applied)

  • Sexual harassment (Immediate suspension will be taken action if occurs)

  • Disrespect commentary on a specific individual or to any unspecified majority, or revealing a friend to a specific individual

The sanction will be done according to these steps: Warning → 1st Sanction → 2nd Sanction → Support suspension

※ During the duration of receiving warning or sanctions, any act that violates the regulation will result in immediate sanction step.

※ In cases of sexual harassment, an immediate suspension will be taken action.

※ For warning, if there is no violation acts were noticed until the end of the duration period, the account will be reset. However, any streamers who have received 1st Sanction or above, and if there are any cases where the regulations are violated, the streamer will receive an immediate 1st Sanction without Warning.

4. Event Support Removal (Starting from September 1st)

Starting from September 1st, the policy of supporting 1000 Gems for a week will be halted.

The gem support event requisition will be going on until August 31st, and mail will be sent on September 2nd as the last, and #event_mails channel will be only for a read channel.

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