[Test Subject Selection Vote]


Together with the February 12th update, the additional content for Test Subject Selection Vote will be added in.

[Test Subject Selection Vote]

  • You can now choose for your desired Test Subject to receive this season’s Test Subject skin by voting.

  • You can earn Vote tickets with daily log-ins, in-game rewards, goods exchange and so much more.

  • Each Selection Rounds will eliminate a certain number of Test Subjects, and in the Final Selection Round, the Test Subject with the highest vote ranking will be selected.

  • The characters with the existing Test Subject skins will be excluded.

  • Privilege benefit will be given to those who put in a lot of votes for each Selection Rounds.

  • All Privilege rewards and the Test Subject rewards will be distributed all together after the season ends.

[The Changes in the Season 7 Test Subject Selection Vote]

  • Change of the voting period We've slashed the voting period from three months to one month. ※ Details of the voting schedule will be disclosed.

  • Change of the intermediate results You will be able to identify the characters in the risk of elimination more clearly.

  • Change of the Privilege benefit Even characters with a lower total number of votes can now earn their privileges by being the top of each vote, and the number of the users who get the Privilege benefit will be expanded.

※ However, the avatar and the skin of the subject are fixed as the final 1 character.

※ Detailed benefit will be disclosed later.

Season 6 Privilege benefit (Link)