[Update Preview] Research Result - 1 -

Hello, this is BlackSurvival.

We are introducing additional new contents and systems for the upcoming Update which will be live next week.

*This preview includes information on content that is currently under development, so please note that some plans may be changed.

Research Result

What is Research Result? Research Result is a system allows players to specialize characters’ skills to certain directions, by choosing each result (additional Passive skills)

Research Result System page

Each Research Results contain various options depending on concept and orientation. Players can add synergies to their strategies or ease the difficulties of their characters when playing the game, by choosing these skills.

We are preparing 4 kinds of Research Result; Healing Cell(Survival and Recovery Specialties), Biomechanics(Sustainable Actions Specialties), Ultra-vibration(Direct Damage Specialties), and Environmental Variable(Route Design Specialties).

Concept: Lumia Experiment

From now on, we are going to add explanation about ‘BS project’ not only in the Research Background menu which can be found at the Collection tab, but also in other parts of the game.

Therefore, Research Result will explain each achievement to tell the story of an ongoing experiment on Lumia Island, from a researcher’s view. We will continuously add stories related to the experiment whenever we update new Research Results.

Strory Example: What is Healing Cell?

"The Lumia Island experiment is conducted in a survival format until the last single person remains. In a situation where combat and murder are constantly occurring, it would be impossible to obtain data if the Test Subject is in incapable to regenerate or recover. Hence, it is necessary to improve the Test Subject's ability to avoid such circumstances. You may have heard about the term 'Healing Factor' from movies or animations. In other words, the Test Subject will be able to regenerate back their cells and tissues even if their arms or legs have been cut off. The Aglaia's researchers have been focusing on this study based on hypothetical reasonings to ensure that the Test Subjects will have immense regeneration abilities. It was discovered that stimulation of VF receptors using nanorobots makes the somatic cells to act as self-regeneration cells or known as healing cells. Test Subjects would still experience pain despite having the ability to regenerate. After all, what is a survival game without pain and agony?"

We will announce the details at tomorrow's preview post.