[Update Preview] Research Result - 2-

Hello. This is Black Survival.

We now introduce the details of the ‘Research Result’, which was introduced in the previous post. Please note that this post contains information about the content currently under development and that some plans may be changed during regular updates.

Research Results


The Research result consists of one [Special Result] and four [Normal Result]. for Normal Result, two choices of one out of two will be provided, which means that users can choose one Special Result and two Normal Results. The difference between Special Result and Normal Result is criticality and its performance.

Let's take a closer look at the Healing Cells we briefly introduced in the study - Part 1 -.

<Healing Cell Preset>

If you enter the editing page, you can see the saved preset for Healing Cell. The Special Result of the currently stored Healing Cells is set to [Healing Cell Activation], and the Normal Result is set to [Congenital Immunity Enhancement] and [Autolysis of Fatigue Substance].

Let’s take a closer look to Normal Result. If you select a Normal Result icon, you can see the screen as below. There are two choices and you can choose one of these Results and save it whenever you want.

<Normal Result Selection Window>

Game Preparation Screen Reorganization

With the introduction of the Research Result system, the Game Preparation Screen will be partially revamped. In this pop-up window, you can select a pre-stored preset and apply it freely.

<When selecting the button, print the drop-down page as shown on the right >


Special Result icons will be displayed instead of Aptitude icons that were in the existing status effects bar. Because the current Aptitude is duplicated on both the Status Effect bar and the Enable Aptitude button, even if the special performance icon takes its place, the Aptitude in use can be found through the Aptitude button.

In the character information window, we reduced the item option list area in part to provide space for Special/Normal Results

<Revised Status Bar (left) and Character Info pane (right)>

We will sequentially update other parts of the game where you can find the information about Research Results.

Preseason Full Opening

In the preseason, you'll be free to use all four of the Research Results. However, starting from the regular season, the number of the Research Results can be limited for Herbivores leagues. It will be gradually opened by reaching to higher league or to Carnivore league.

The purpose of this content is adopting varieties to battles, by adding strategic factors that can be considered from the player’s perspective. So, we developed this content taking account of the synergy with existing elements such as characters, item skills, item options, and Aptitudes. We hope this system to improve the built-in characterization, while gradually interacting with different Research Results create more meta for users to feel more fun for users.

We will also take the time to fully validate the content during the preseason to ensure that it does not have too much influence, and we will try to regularly update new Research Results that you may be satisfied with through continuous feedback and observation even after the start of the regular season.

Thank you very much.